13 Dec 2011, 11:10pm
Jazz music Personal photoblogging:


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  • More Jazz Photoblogging: Sam Rivers Trio, Boston, 1976

    I digitized a lot of photos over the past year, but I haven’t gotten around to putting them online. Here are some pictures from a wonderful performance by Sam Rivers’ Trio at the Jazz Workshop. Most of these were woefully underexposed; some parts of the images were restored digitally.

    While I don’t feel these are my best work they nonetheless capture some of the ambience of the gig that night. Not bad for a high-school student.

    Sam Rivers is a truly amazing musician who is still going strong. Here is his website.

    Sam Rivers

    Dave Holland

    Barry Altschul

    Sam Rivers

    What We Did On Halloween…


    My daughter stood out from the menage of Harry Potters, Cinderellas, Fairies, Ghosts and Goblins.

    My daughter was a Parasauralophus.

    For purposes of comparison, here is an image of an actual Parasauralophus:

    Our Parasauralophus was made with plaster-impregnated gauze wrapped around two balloons. The whole head was mounted on a Sono-Tube with slots cut for her arms. The eyes are rubber bouncy balls. Looks pretty good to me.

    Great Concert Last Night

    We sold out the hall, and all the musicians played beautifully. Looks like we raised about $1200 for 350.org. (UPDATE: $1191, to be exact)

    I’ll post more photos and concert videos soon.

    Standing, from left: Robert Labaree (Dünya), Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol (Dünya), Gaurishankar Chandrashekhar, Durga Krishnan, Zaira Meneses, Eliot Fisk. Kneeling in front: Warren Senders.

    Garden Photos On The Way Out The Door

    I am in the airport getting ready for the first leg of my India trip. I’ll be heading out in about two hours to Paris and from there to Mumbai. Concerts in Mumbai, Nasik and Pune, and some lec-dems & workshops. And some family time, of course. I’m told my daughter caught a cold — hope she’s feeling better soon.

    Anyway, before I left I took some photos of the garden and thought I’d share them. This year most of the plants are doing very well. The squash vine borers attacked my zucchini and pumpkin plants and totally killed them — but for the first time left my tromboncino squash (waaay better than zucchini IMO) totally alone. I win.

    The first pictures are from my front steps, looking out over the slope.

    …there are some potatoes in buckets in the foreground.

    Some vegetable porn:



    …these will be orange pimiento peppers.


    Now a new set of garden beds next to my garage, with some very productive tomatoes and peppers.

    Coming along nicely…

    And an amaranth plant, a volunteer from last year. I have an entire bed planted in amaranth but I forgot to take pictures of it. Too bad; the red plants are spectacular en masse.

    And now, here are pictures of the container garden on top of our garage. This year I finished building a deck on this surface, and have moved almost all my other containers to be in the center of the space. The result is impossible to believe; we have a fabulous crop. For the next two weeks various friends will be picking, watering and keeping things going; we get back on the 25th, just in time for the really serious harvesting.

    For some reason I can’t get photobucket to rotate these pictures so they embed correctly. Just turn your head 90 degrees, ‘k?


    Cute little eggplants…

    There is a karela vine in my greenhouse as well as several climbing the sides of the garage. They are producing very heavily. Good thing I like karela.

    A Japanese karela. The Indian kind are rougher.

    Ho Chi Minh hot peppers. Amazing.

    Here’s what the garage-top garden looked like last year in early July. We’ve come a long way.

    A Quick Report on the June 12 Concert

    The “Singing For The Planet” concert happened as planned last Saturday. We had an excellent crowd and raised a little over $800 for www.350.org — and the music was lovely.

    Mili Bermejo, Dominique Eade and Me

    I’m just putting a few photographs up for now. A full report with video will go up later this week. These images are courtesy of Hadley Langosey, and there will be more to come.

    Dominique, Will Slater, Will Graefe, some guy, Harriotte Hurie, Mili Bermejo, Dan Greenspan, Priti Chakravarty, Akshay Navaladi. Missing: Doug Johnson

    First Set: The Mili Bermejo Trio

    Mili Bermejo with Doug Johnson on piano and Dan Greenspan on bass

    Second Set: Warren Senders & The Raga Ensemble

    Me, with Akshay Navaladi, tabla; Priti Chakravarti, harmonium; Harriotte Hurie, tamboura.

    Third Set: Dominique Eade & Friends

    Dominique Eade with Will Slater on bass and Will Graefe on guitar.

    19 Feb 2010, 10:44pm
    India photoblogging:


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    Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge
  • While we wait, more India photoblogging

    I’m writing some more detailed stuff about practice strategies, but it’s still under construction.

    Meanwhile, here are some pictures of signs in India.

    Patent medicine. Unfortunately, you can’t see the “after” picture. Take it from me that the guy is smiling.

    Bombay travel agents.

    more »

    Hindustani Instrumental Photoblogging

    As part of my continuing drive to provide visual, auditory and intellectual content, here is an assortment of the photographs I took of Hindustani instrumentalists during the 1980s. Zakir was performing a great deal in Pune during that time, and I got many good images of him.

    Amjad Ali Khan and Zakir Hussain. Sawai Gandharva Mahotsaav, Pune, 1985

    more »

    Dagar Photoblogging: Pune, 1985

    These photographs were taken at a Dhrupad Sammelan in Pune, late in 1985. These are Zahiruddin and Faiyazuddin Dagar, the “Younger Dagar Brothers.”

    Zahiruddin (L) and Faiyazuddin Dagar.

    more »

    2 Feb 2010, 12:49am
    India photoblogging

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  • India Photoblogging: Benares, 1986

    I was in Varanasi in early 1986, and I greatly enjoyed it. Here are a few random scenes and images from that trip. At another point I’ll put up the photos I took on the “Sunrise-on-the-Ganges” boat tour, which is an important tourist activity. These, however, are simply the things that happened when I pointed my Minolta and pressed the button. Remember, taking fascinating pictures is very easy in India.

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