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    My Khyal Performances

    University of Southern Maine, May 5, 2023

    Bandra Concert, August 21, 2013
    Dadar Concert, August 13, 2013
    Pune Concert, August 11, 2013
    Toronto, July 20, 2013
    Nashik Concert, August 19, 2011
    Pune Concert, August 20, 2011
    Boston, “Singing For The Planet,” June 2010
    Cambridge, “Playing For The Planet,” October 24, 2009

    The “Singing The Long Now” Project

    Tufts University, February 5, 2017

    My work in Indo-Jazz Synthesis Music

    Antigravity in India: 1991 — released as “Antigravity: The Music of Warren Senders” (Accurate AC-4307)

    Antigravity in India: 1994 — released as “Boogie For Hanuman” (Accurate AC-5018)

    Miscellaneous Compositions for Miscellaneous Ensembles

    Mundai Malhar: Trombone Quartet (1987 composition, 1990 performance)

    Yes, No, Maybe? — Trombone duet (1993 performance)

    Native Places: Trio for flute, ‘cello and piano (1988 composition, 1993 performance)

    Interstices, for modified string quartet (composed 1984, performed 1993)

    The Web of Departure, for trombone and modified string quartet
    (composed and performed in 1993)

    Horn Gamelan, for brass and wind ensemble (composed 1981, modified and performed 1990)

    Musical Fragments from my work as an educator:

    Musical Game Structures: New England Conservatory, 2010

    Compositions for the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra:

    Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra: Chazz’ Mingus Story (2007 concert)

    Elegies and Recollections: In Memory of Dorothy Carter (2005 performance)

    “It’s Taken Me My Whole Life…” — a study in the virtues of omission.

    Three Dreams of Jimi — Three items associated with Jimi Hendrix, re-conceived and combined as a solo vehicle for Melanie Howell Brooks’ bass clarinet virtuosity.

    If Six Was Nine — Bob Pilkington’s arrangement of this Jimi Hendrix piece features a segment of my vocalizing at the end.

    Performances from the 1980s and Earlier:

    The Antigravity String Band, 1982
    The Antigravity String Band, 1981

    Antigravity, 1982

    Laughing Moon

    […] lived in India in the 1980s and 1990s, studying music in the city of Pune.  I thought I’d share a few images from my life there, and if you […]


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