Juna Bazaar, Pune, 1986

Pune’s weekly junk market. I rode past this bazaar all the time, and finally got around to spending a couple of hours there with a camera, sometime in early 1986. I have always loved the bustle of street-level commerce; this place epitomizes a wonderful mix of high event density (on a moment-to-moment level) with the calm sense that “we have been trading in other people’s discarded objects for hundreds of years.”


In 1988 I went there and bought a suitcase for my return trip to the US. It failed catastrophically, bursting all its seams, between Pune and Bombay, en route to the airport. Anticipating this, I’d bought a giant needle (4-5 inches long) and some string, and I sewed up the suitcase. It lasted until I arrived in New York, at which point I was able to borrow another piece of luggage for the trip to Boston. If this story has a moral, it’s probably something like, “Don’t buy shitty luggage.”












If you like seeing these India Photoblogging posts, please let me know, and I’ll do some more in days to come.

I’ve got more of other locations in Pune and elsewhere, and I promise I’ll get to them soon. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Fantastic photos, Warren! It was such a leisurely place before all the 4-wheeler traffic.

More photos!


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