Day 27: Another Thrust to the Belly of the Beast

I’m going to send this one to US News and World Report. I’m writing this the night before; I’ve got a sore throat and body pain…and tomorrow I’ll be a parent-helper at Little Daughter’s preschool. Gotta get some sleep.

Slowly but surely, awareness of the reality of climate change is creeping into our national discourse. America’s Department of Defense has been developing contingency plans for how to deal with devastating droughts, food system failures, and the possibility of hundreds of millions of displaced climate refugees, many in the poorest and most politically unstable parts of the world. State Farm Insurance, citing rising sea levels and the increased threat of catastrophic storms, will no longer issue or renew policies for structures on North Carolina’s Barrier Islands. Other insurance companies are beginning to follow suit. It is long past time for the business community to recognize climatic reality, and find common cause with environmental advocates. The only world in which corporations can reasonably expect sustained profitability is one in which humans can live sustainably.

Warren Senders

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