Year 3, Month 1, Day 22: You Can’t Spell “Idiot” Without An “Id.”

USA Today reports on the NCSE’s new project:

A noted science education organization Monday announced a turn to battling climate science naysayers.

The National Center for Science Education, based in Oakland, Calif., is best known for leading charges against creationist efforts to remove evolution from public schools nationwide. But now, the three-decade-old group will also fight efforts to slip incorrect climate science information into school lessons.

“We are seeing more efforts in legislatures and schools to push climate misinformation on teachers and students,” says NCSE head Eugenie Scott. The NCSE plans to serve as a resource for science teachers facing school board or classroom fights over climate science.

Good luck, guys. Sent January 17:

The National Center for Science Education has an uphill battle ahead. Their laudable initiative to spur education on climate change is certain to be turned into a political football by the petro-funded id of American governance, the Republican party.

Over the coming months, prepare for cries of “ideologically biased education!” and “brainwashing our kids!” It’s already happened with the teaching of evolution; several states are now readying legislation forcing science teachers to treat Darwin’s discoveries on a par with young-Earth creationism.

Conservatives will protest that they simply want to “teach the controversy” of climate change. Nonsense; if that were so, they’d advocate a place in the classroom for Marxist economics, geocentric cosmology, and the medieval theory of humours. Global climate change is a fact; an uneducated citizenry won’t be able to cope with the threats it poses, which is why the NCSE’s work is so vitally important for our future.

Warren Senders

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