Year 2, Month 1, Day 14: That’s CIA, Not CYA

The Miami Herald notes that the Central Intelligence Agency thinks climate change might just be a wee bit of a problem.

It is instructive to watch conservative lawmakers respond to the issue of climate change. Regarded by the right wing as the fixation of an improbable world conspiracy of scientists, Democratic politicians and hippie environmentalists, global warming has somewhat graver connotations when it’s discussed by CIA analysts, who have ample reasons to be worried. There is a direct and robust correlation between climatic and political instability, as the recent series of catastrophes in Pakistan illustrate; the CIA (and corresponding agencies in other countries) is entirely correct to be concerned. The idea that Republican legislators would mock expert authorities is sadly plausible; remember that our nation was plunged into an ill-considered war despite warnings from people who actually knew what they were talking about? Climate change is a real and very dangerous enemy; what will the GOP say to dismiss the CIA’s informed analysis? I’m betting on “now watch this drive!”

Warren Senders

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