Last Few Days In Pune…

…Had a great concert in Nasik; returned to Pune in time to sing again on Saturday night. Sunday morning gave a lecture-demonstration on the pedagogy of improvisation, at the Maharashtra Cultural Centre. Tomorrow morning another lec-dem on Hindustani music teaching methodology at University of Pune. Then all my professional obligations are over, mercifully.

We leave on the 24th and are both anticipating and dreading the impending 11 hour layover in Paris. We may try and go into the city and enjoy ourselves during the day. We’ll see.

For now, that’s all. I’m using my brother-in-law’s computer and don’t have time to expand.

I will post photos and audio clips once I’m back stateside.


More from Bharat…

…Here it is Tuesday night. I’m back at the cybercafe updating.

Mehfil in Mumbai went very well, with exceptionally supportive tabla playing from a young woman named Mukta Raste. A good audience, lots of appreciative daad — just the thing to get me in a good mood. I returned to Pune the next day and was promptly hammered with all the jet lag I’d been ignoring for days. I spent all Monday lying down, alternately napping and reading (Neal Stephenson’s “Quicksilver” if you’re interested). Rehearsed for Saturday’s Pune concert that night, then came back home and crashed spectacularly, falling asleep with my specs still on.

Today was a lazy day. I bought my ticket for Nasik; I will leave Thursday at noon, getting in around 5 pm. The concert there is on Friday night. Saturday night I am singing in Pune. That will be interesting, coming on top of a five-hour bus ride earlier in the day.

Now to shut down and head back home for dinner.

In India…

…sitting in a cramped cybercafe getting slightly caught up.

My Mac’s onboard battery died completely in the middle of the Paris airport. Now every time I start it up it’s reset the onboard clock to December 31, 1969. It’s probably time to get a new computer as this one is more than six years old.

Wife & daughter are well although daughter has a little cold. It’s nice to be with family again; this is the first time I’ve been back in India in three years.

Tomorrow I go to Mumbai to give a house concert. Then a few days in Pune before I travel to Nasik to give a concert on Friday the 19th. Then a Pune concert on the 20th. A bunch of lec-dems .and workshops including one in Mumbai on the 24th, just before we head out. Home on the 25th.

These short, fast trips are brutal, but it’s all the time I’ve got right now.

OK, signing off..