I get mail

Arrived in my inbox about an hour ago.

It’s not anywhere close to the stuff that a genuine luminary like PZ gets, of course, but I get a little warm feeling all the same.

I’m Famous!

So back on November 12, I wrote a letter to the Newark Star-Ledger, pointing out Chris Christie’s utter idiocy when it came to the science of climate change.

They printed it, or at least ran it in their online edition.

What should appear in my mailbox a few days later but the following postcard:

I looked at the address side first, thinking, “WTF? I don’t know anyone in Dunellen, New Jersey, let alone someone named J. Alexander.” Then I turned it over.

My first hatemail.

Or is it?

As with POEs (Parodies of Evangelism), any sufficiently effective parody of hate mail will be indistinguishable from the real thing. What do you think? Is “Right-Wing Jim” spoofing Tea-party talk, or is he serious? I can’t decide.