Month 7, Day 11: Sunday POTUS

Just a generic POTUS letter. I discovered that it had been over a week since I’d written one.

Dear President Obama,

The process of generating a workable climate/energy bill is looking uncomfortably like the process of generating health-care legislation. That is, lots of giveaways, lots of concessions in advance, lots of delays — all culminating in a bill that is just barely better than nothing, and significantly less than what the country needs.

But there is a big difference between a climate bill and a health-care bill. A climate bill is ultimately a contract with the laws of physics and the forces of nature, and they do not negotiate. The window of time available to us is rapidly closing; all the critical indicators show that climate change is moving faster and more powerfully than any scientists anticipated.

Please use your considerable persuasive powers to motivate our Senators to do the right thing for our nation, for our descendants, and for our planet. There is no time to waste on a bill that puts a band-aid on a near-mortal injury; we need strong climate legislation now if we as a species are to survive. Please abandon your hands-off approach and twist some arms.

Yours Sincerely,

Warren Senders

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