10 May 2012, 12:12pm
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  • I’d Like Tautology Dressing On My Word Salad, Please.

    In response to a facebook meme that said, “Study one religion and you’re hooked for life. Study two religions and you’re done in an hour” an old colleague who’s gone Xtian posted the following:

    Religion that is focused on and filled with spirituality, like life itself, does not and need not make sense in the human mind as it seeks to address the deep desires and highest aspirations in people who perceive themselves to have a soul. The human institutions of religion are imperfect expressions of human superconsciousness, and to the extent that any repetitive mental effort seeking to understand realities beyond its intended purpose mostly serves to confound intelligibility, I agree that studying multiple imperfect expressions of superconscious truisms must by definition produce an irrational and pointless result.

    Does this mean anything?

    Like he said, his post “mostly serves to confound intelligibility”.


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