Around the house…

…on Labor Day:

the piano-tuner is tuning our ancient but newly acquired piano for the very first time. It’s like night and day; what a change!

My wife is out watering the garden.

My daughter is upstairs telling a story to herself. Later this afternoon we have a date to finish making a bed for her doll — the latest dad/kid woodworking project. With a little luck the bed will be done by the end of the day, and we can start making a mattress and bedclothes. Because a doll can’t just lie down on bare wood. That would never do.

This week everything hits the fan all at once. Private students are coming back in great numbers over the next few days, and my teaching at Tufts, Babson and New England Conservatory all begins. Major shift in activity levels.

I will be posting photos & music from our recent trip after the dust settles a bit.

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