An Open Letter to Our Corporate Overlords

Dear Masters,

Please excuse my presumption in writing to you directly. I don’t even know the correct term of address, and I fear “Dear Masters” does not express sufficient recognition of the vast differences in our status. My country’s Supreme Court has recently conferred upon you the powers you have sought for many years, and I congratulate you upon your victory in the Judicial Branch. I expect it will soon be followed by victories in other branches as well.

Let me be frank. I fear You greatly. It is only my relative insignificance to Your grand plans that gives me the courage to speak out at all, for I am sure that if I were ever to inconvenience You in any way, I would be crushed. Even mentioning the possibility that I could inconvenience You is a presumption, I know, given the vast difference in our power and influence. I may speak of my dignity and my rights, but I know that the only reason I have that dignity and those rights is that You allow it. Forgive me. I do not wish to offend You, for You hold in your hands (metaphorically speaking, of course, since You have no hands) the future of everything I hold dear.

I hold dear my family, my wife, my lovely and precocious five-year-old daughter. I hold dear my work; I am a teacher of song, and what more pleasant occupation could there be than sharing the music I love with those of like mind? I hold dear the beautiful woodlands near my house, for it calms my heart and slows my thoughts to walk through the tall trees. I hold dear the memories of my teachers and influences, and of those who’ve been my fellow travelers in this life. I hold dear the countless links in the human chain — how far we clever apes have come in just a few short tens of thousands of years!

Most of all I hold dear the web of life of which I am a part. When I contemplate my Death, I am comforted by the knowledge that my body is made of EarthStuff and SunStuff, and will eventually be food for other Lives.

What scares me about You, dear Masters, is that You cannot contemplate your Death, for You are immortal. And because You are not made of the same stuff as We, You have no bond of sympathy with Us.

So I cannot appeal to Your better natures, for by the standards of Earthly life, You have none. I can only appeal to Your predatory natures; those, You have in abundance.

In the past two centuries You have built economic systems that depend on Our willingness to turn Ourselves into trash; systems hinging on the requirement that We continue to consume at ever-increasing rates. Not to consume is to fail our duty to You, our Masters.

But dear Masters, We have recently begun to notice that the power of Your economic systems is killing the planet on which we live. Countless species are dying every day; in the years and decades to come millions will disappear from Earth at a rate faster than at any time in our planet’s history (except, of course, for the day the Big Meteor hit). We have consumed our planet’s SunStuff avidly, as You order Us…but recently We’ve discovered that the burning SunStuff is making our atmosphere heat up.

If it goes on, Dear Masters, there is a very good chance that all of Us will die.

Not “die,” as in “human beings die every day,” or “his dog died last week,” but “die” as in “the Earth will no longer be able to support any form of life at all, because it will be too hot.”

And then, Dear Masters, what would You do?

Lacking physical substance, not made of EarthStuff and SunStuff as We are, You cannot stand upright on the surface of a baking planet, wondering where everyone’s gone. You may be immortal, but even immortals have to eat, and we feed you. Although You are not made of the same stuff as We, if We die, so too shall You, and Your Deaths will be lonely ones.

I assume You don’t want that.

And so, Dear Masters, I timidly plead my case.

Adjust your Economic Systems just a tiny bit, so that You can maximize Your profits from Us in the long run rather than making a killing in the short. I will pay You what I earn and buy what I’m told to buy; in another decade I will show my little girl how to get her own credit card so She can enter your service as well. I don’t mind if I continue to be Your indentured labor; I don’t mind if my daughter and her child and her child’s child to the hundredth generation remain in Your servitude.

But You need to change things just a little, so that they can live. Otherwise nobody will get the chance, because the Earth will be dead and so will You.

Dear Corporations, You alone have the power to redirect sufficient resources in this world to fix the problems you’ve caused. You are our Masters. It is in Your interest to keep the Earth a good place to live, so that You may continue to consume Us for thousands of years to come.

If You do this, if You make these changes, then I can die well pleased, knowing that the links of our human chain will not end up as slag on the face of a Venusian landscape. And perhaps my hundred-times-great granddaughter and her fellow humans can find a way to overcome your Dominion and live freely and peacefully, without waste or war, on a good green and blue Earth filled with abundant life. That’s all I want: just to know they’ll have a chance, a few centuries from now.

Thank you for listening, if you are.

Your most humble and abject subject,


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Dear Antonio – I was referring to their decision in “Citizens United.” A quick search on that term will give you the context. Thank you so much for your kind words…and I’m extremely glad my work is crossing linguistic lines!

Best wishes,


Dear Warren,

Your letter is almost two years old now, but for us here in Brazil it is very fresh indeed, as our corporate overlords, many of which trained in the USA, are threading the same path as their heirs abroad. I’ve taken the liberty to translate and post your letter in my blog (link below). I would like to ask only what decision of the US supreme Court you refer to in the beginning of your letter? I would like to delve into that part.
Thanks a lot and congratulations for your vision and fine irony.


Jess – I’m going to be producing a revised and updated version of my “Open Letter” soon. Please feel free to distribute it as widely as you wish, and feel free to add your name to mine. And if you write a similar letter, send it to me and I’ll publish it here if you like. The more of us speak up, the more likely it is that we can do some good.

Thanks for your kind words. Good luck!


Dear Warren,

This open letter inspired me greatly. I am wondering if you could actually send it to some of our corporate overlords? I would be happy to look up the addresses for you.

As a convenience store clerk of a small franchise I know what it’s like to be under the thumb of corporate overlords. It’s not fun. Right now I have to do the work of 2-3 people because we are always understaffed and they are always budget and hour cutting. We produce unnecessary waste, and sell a bunch of products that people buy in abundance that is absolutely horrible to be putting into their bodies.

Also know that it is not just corporate we must reach out to, but the average Joe as well. I can’t tell you how many customers I see everyday that don’t even begin to understand what they are doing to their bodies and our planet.

If there is anyway I can help make the suggestions in this open letter a reality, please, let me know. My email is posted.


I was about to do something similar to this some time ago, but I never was able to finish . It’s great learning about your experience.

Now this is funny. This is a piece of spam, appended to my post by some (presumably automated) system. And it’s from “Healthcaremedicalinsurance dot com.”

Sure, go ahead. Make a reply. I’ll be waiting.

I don’t know if I entirely agree… However, you do make some great points. Perhaps I can make a reply against your statements.


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