78 rpm Records of Indian Music: The Twin Dramatic Party

This two-side-long piece is part of a drama in Urdu, based on the story of “Khosrow and Shirin”:

“Khosrow and Shirin” (Persian: خسرو و شیرین) is the title of several Persian epic poems. The essential narrative is a love story of Persian[1] origin, which is found in the great epico-historical poems of Shahnameh and which is based on historical figures that were elaborated and romanticized by later Persian poets. Variants of the story were also told under the titles “Khosrow and Farhad” and “Farhad and Shirin”.

Shirin Pharhaad

I ‘m interested in following tight Indo-Persian cultural relationship. 78 rpm rare recordings are one the most important documents for me. There are several related articles and pages on my website (like:http://www.oirvm.com/parsi78s/parsi_zoroastrians_recordings_on.htm ) and I need to know and learn more.
Amir Mansour


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