14 Jul 2011, 10:47am
India Jazz music:


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  • 78 rpm Records of Indian Music: The Peerless Orchestra

    Here are four sides on the Zonophone label from the Peerless Orchestra — a name that has apparently had a significant franchise over the years. As in the case of the Manhattan Jazz Band, these recordings were probably made in England and released in India for the benefit of the British expats.

    It ain’t Indian music…but it’s certainly evocative of a certain sort of nostalgia, and I will eventually get my entire library of 78s uploaded, so you should get used to some of this stuff now. There’s lots more where that came from.


    Oh, You Beautiful Doll

    Hoopoe Kack (WTF? SRSLY?)

    Miami (A Southern Idyll)

    The Horse Trot

    30 Jun 2018, 12:07am
    by Dee Roser

    Hello, I have acquired serial # 859 & 887 at a charity market in Brisbane Queensland Australia. I’m finding the info into these recordings very fascinating.
    Kind regards,

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