78 rpm Records of Indian Music: Abdul Raheman Kanchwala & Sufi Quawal (of Patiala)

Some terrific quawwali singing from Abdul Raheman Kanchwala (who appears to have continued a performance career into the relative present, judging from the results of a little googling) and the anonymous Sufi Quawal (of Patiala). Both of these recordings were part of the collection purchased in Udaipur in 2000.

Abdul Raheman Kanchwala: Jawoonga Khwaaja dard-e-dil sunane ke

Abdul Raheman Kanchwala: Aa jaa o halima ki nigahen ke sitare

Sufi Quawal (of Patiala): Aa mota dilaka khatkaa

Sufi Quawal (of Patiala): Ab to mera bimahi bhi

Hi Warren,

Thanks for putting these marvelous recordings online. Wonderful stuff.


10 Jul 2011, 9:04pm
by David Brown

Dear Warren,
You sat next to me at the Dollar Brand concert in late winter 1975–Old North Church in Boston. We had a great conversation and you actually made/mailed me a cassette of Ibraham’s very rare (at the time) south african recording…. a few minutes ago i was playing “Shrimp Boats” on the piano and thought of you,,, and googled you and guess what! we’re both still alive. i love your music and promise to catch up on all i missed in the last 36 years… i remember that night like it was yesterday… still have that cassette btw!

david brown

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