Year 2, Month 8, Day 10: (facepalm)

Ha ha ha ha ha. In the middle of a heat wave, this is the best the July 23 Richmond Times-Dispatch can come up with:

Climate is not static but always in flux. The Earth has seen periods of warming and periods of cooling. The Ice Age was not a myth. Global warming is not a myth, either — which does not mean that the climate of the entire globe eventually will resemble the climate of equatorial Africa. Significant consequences can flow from seemingly modest changes in temperature and precipitation, however.

The trend may have gone beyond the point that it can be reversed. It also may be possible that relatively modest endeavors can help humanity adjust to changes and even forestall the worst-case scenarios.

This can be done without jettisoning the economic system. Indeed, market economies may be more able to cope than the alternatives. The Pentagon takes climate change seriously. Sensible responses likely will have to come from the right. Richard Nixon went to China. Will conservatives be credited with climate breakthroughs?

Give me a fucking break.

Sent July 24:

So conservatives are going to come up with usable solutions for climate change? Really? They’ll have to solve a few problems of their own — like admitting that it’s real, and caused by a greenhouse effect thrown badly out of balance by human emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Yes, Nixon went to China — but everyone acknowledged that the nation was real, and that diplomatic recognition could no longer be delayed. Present-day Republicans, however, would be shrieking that “China” was a liberal fabrication, and threatening primary challenges against any legislator who acknowledged its existence and importance. Finally, they must recognize that the long-term consequences of failure to act are far worse than a below-average quarterly profit report from one of their sponsors in the fossil fuel industry. Conservatives must get their own house in order before they can plausibly offer solutions to the looming threat of climate chaos.

Warren Senders

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