Year 2, Month 6, Day 15: My Home-Town Paper

The Boston Globe employs a hack buffoon named Jeff Jacoby as its token conservative asshole. And true to form, he’s an ignorant jackass:

THE MAY 21 apocalypse foretold by the fundamentalist minister Harold Camping never materialized, but end-of-the-world doomsaying goes on as usual among the global warmists.

If you really want the full effect, go and read it. My nervous system can no longer stand the strain. Sent June 1:

After reading his latest attempt to dismiss the worldwide scientific consensus on global climate change (a genuine threat of enormous significance), I have a simple question about Jeff Jacoby’s predictive skills. How often has he been right? About Iraq? Gay marriage? The environment? Examining his writings confirms that for decades, he’s been consistently wrong on just about everything. Why, then, should his opinions on matters of science be given any credibility whatsoever?

Although I lack a comfortable sinecure as the Globe’s token conservative columnist, I too would like to make a prediction: the climate is going to go miserably haywire just as climatologists are forecasting, and when Mr. Jacoby eventually does acknowledge the inescapable reality of climate change, he’ll advocate free-market solutions to the greenhouse effect’s destructive consequences — preferably involving tax cuts for billionaires and oil companies. And he’ll be wrong. Why mess up a perfect record?

Warren Senders

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