Year 2, Month 2, Day 9: Auntie Em?

The Kansas City Star takes on the big storms & crazy weather by acknowledging that, as the headline puts it, “Some scientists believe extreme weather events becoming the norm.” The comments on this article are what prompted the closing sentences in my letter (mailed 2/2/11):

The phrase “some scientists” is misleading; it’s just about impossible for the scientific consensus on human causes of global warming to get any stronger. Barring a few petroleum-funded contrarians, the overwhelming majority of climate specialists agree: anthropogenic greenhouse emissions are warming the atmosphere, and the results are going to bring us a world of hurt in the coming decades. The current crop of freak weather events all over the world is just a preview of coming attractions; for decades climatologists have been predicting a worldwide increase in anomalous weather as a consequence of the greenhouse effect. Now their predictions are coming true from Queensland to Kansas as hundreds of millions of lives are disrupted by severe storms, flooding, snow, and drought. But climate-change deniers cannot admit they’ve been misled; their ideologically-driven rejection of global warming’s factuality is not susceptible to actual evidence, no matter how much of it piles up on their doorsteps.

Warren Senders

Nandu – that’s basically the gist of it. Ek Nishad Bihagada (which appears to be the exclusive province of the Jaipur-Atrauli singers) just uses shuddh nishad, while regular Bihagada uses both.

Dear Warren

I would be grateful if you could point out the difference between Bihagda and Ek Nishad bihagda.

I wonder if Bihagda (which sounds a little like Khamaj) has both nishads and Ek nishad has just one!



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