Year 2, Month 1, Day 28: Denialism Is Going To Require More And More Energy As This Goes On.

The Brisbane Times speaks sooth on the changes in our climate. So I figured I’d speak some sooth back.

Some of these newspaper sites are set up in a way that makes sending an LTE very difficult; I spent more time looking for a letter submission address than I did writing the damn letter. In the end I gave up and sent it to one of the support addresses, hoping that it will get somewhere, somehow.

The most alarming thing about the Earth’s accelerating warming is the fact that, statistically, we don’t seem to be worried about it. Has the anesthetizing effect of our mass media taken hold to such an extent that people cannot be troubled to notice what’s happening right outside their windows? It is saddening to realize that those with the most access to information are also the most prone to denial and rejection of inconvenient truths; while this is changing as the worsening climate crisis affects prosperous and industrialized countries, it’s not happening fast enough. Modern man is in a complex predicament; extricating ourselves requires admitting that we’re in trouble in the first place. If humanity survives the coming centuries, our descendants will have harsh words for the irresponsible media outlets (and the petroleum industries backing them) that have left us unprepared for the gravest threat we’ve ever faced.

Warren Senders

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