Year 2, Month 1, Day 24: The Farmer Is The Man Who Feeds Us All

The Montreal Gazette reports on a new study by the Universal Ecological Fund (sounds like hippie tree-huggers to me) that predicts higher food costs as a consequence of climate change. Damn. Jeez, that’s counterintuitive, all right.

One wonders how many warnings can be ignored by climate-change deniers. The Universal Ecological Fund report simply applies common sense to the relationship of agriculture and weather patterns; while alarming, its analysis is hardly surprising. If the weather is more unusual and extreme, crop failures will be more likely. Climatologists’ predictions have been repeatedly vindicated over the past several decades; any errors are almost invariably ones of underestimation. At this point ignoring climate science requires a readiness to embrace a bewilderingly complex conspiracy theory in which scientists all over the globe are attempting to “usher in a socialist world order” or some similar farrago of nonsense. The facts are in: climate change is here; it’s real; humans (especially industrialized humans) are causing it; it will make our lives enormously more complex, inconvenient and expensive in the coming centuries — and the costs of action are dwarfed by those of inaction.

Warren Senders

I totaly agree that climate change can become a good thing for the world. Only some places will be less attractive and other places more attractive like Holland will maybe be flooded but in africa they will have more rain en the soil there is very good for crops.

There’s a big difference between a change of states that is gradual and one that is abrupt, even if it’s on a geological timescale. Humans can survive and prosper if climate change takes place over tens of thousands of years. If it takes a century or less? We’re headed for deep trouble.

Climate change is happening for sure. But wheather humans are fully to blame…I don’t know. This cycle of warming up and cooling down has been there long before humans discovered oil and fire. Humans are a very weird species. We grew up in this world and leapfrogged every other animal by developing speach. After that, we grew the arrogance of claiming this world as our own and we tend to(want to) control everything happening in it. There is no other animal in the whole world who does this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not passing judgement over my own breed of animals. This is just the way it is. All I’m saying is that we cannot control everything. Not now, not in the future. And has there ever been anyone who took into consideration what might happen if we take matters in our own hands? Can we control the climate and isn’t climate change a necessity for our planet? A sort of hard reset every once in a while?

So perhaps climate change is a good thing. What if the whole Saharan Desert becomes rich and green with trees, animals, crops, flowers etc. Desert soil is, as you might know, very rich and a great base for plants and crops. Al that is missing is water.


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