Month 9, Day 11: Inspiration or Expiration?

An email from Bill McKibben:

Dear friends,

I just walked out of a disappointing meeting with the White House: they refused to accept the Carter solar panel we came to Washington to deliver and said that they would continue their “deliberative process” to discuss putting solar panels back on the White House roof.

My 9/11 letter to POTUS:

Dear President Obama,

I just heard that your staff refused to accept the solar panel that Bill McKibben and his team brought back to the White House after thirty years. Apparently you are going to continue the “deliberative process,” rather than simply saying “yes” to an idea that is obviously a good one — an idea that has broad-based support all over America.

An idea that would motivate thousands of people to get moving and put solar panels on their homes.

An idea that would give a boost to American manufacturers of renewable energy technology — manufacturers who are being left in the dust by China’s advances in this area.

An idea that would demonstrate your genuine commitment to energy independence.

An idea that would help mobilize the nation around the battle against climate change.

Alas, what we get instead is a deliberative process.

A deliberative process that won’t motivate anyone. A deliberative process that does nothing for American manufacturers. A deliberative process that says nothing about energy independence or climate change.

How long will this deliberative process take? Perhaps until after the elections? I have news for you and your team: the Republicans don’t care whether or not you install solar panels; they’re insane, and they’ll pillory you over trivialities regardless.

How hard would it have been to say “yes”?

Yours Regretfully,

Warren Senders