Month 9, Day 3: Striking While The Irony Is Hot

Since Bill McKibben is going to ask the President to put those damn solar panels up again, I figured I’d give him a little reinforcement.

Dear President Obama,

It’s been thirty years since Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President and set about undoing all the things that Jimmy Carter set in motion.

Looking back over the past three decades it is astonishing how much President Carter got right, and how much President Reagan got wrong. If we had taken energy independence seriously and devoted the necessary budgetary support to wind and solar energy, America would have stopped giving money to OPEC. Our share of worldwide carbon emissions would have dropped significantly — perhaps keeping the planetary atmosphere below the crucial 350 parts-per-million level (in which case there is increasing evidence to suggest that many of today’s climate catastrophes might never have happened).

America would be a world leader in green technology, rather than lagging behind Europe and China.

We would not have needed all those expensive wars to protect our oil supplies.

The Gulf of Mexico might not be a massive dead zone.

It appears that you’re reluctant to do anything that would excite controversy (although it should be obvious to you by now that the Republicans will gin up controversy over anything), a pusillanimity I am depressed to see in the President I donated, volunteered and voted for. But I digress. The time is now for a full bank of solar panels to be installed on the roof of the White House. Perhaps you should be out there with a hammer yourself on October 10, as part of’s International Work Party.

It would be a gracious gesture to invite President Carter to the White House roof to pound in a few nails. With the clarity of hindsight, it appears that the only thing he did wrong was to be right.

Yours Sincerely,

Warren Senders

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