Month 4, Day 6: Horse, Horse, Tiger, Tiger

One day up, one day down. This is good news: President Obama has opened the door to potential regulation under the Clean Water Act (CWA) of CO2 that causes ocean acidification.

I’m now writing him twice a week, it seems.

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to applaud your initiative in considering using the Clean Water Act to regulate CO2. Oceanic acidification is one of the most pressing elements of the hugely complex conundrum that is global climate change, and it has not received as much attention as atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.

Huge numbers of marine species depend on coral reefs for food and habitat, and the world’s corals are dying, killed by changes in the acidity of seawater as it absorbs more carbon dioxide. These changes have the potential to radically alter the food chain for much of life on earth; quite literally, the lives of billions of people depend on the sea. Furthermore, some species of phytoplankton will be unable to survive the increased oceanic acidity — and these tiny creatures are essential to the earth’s oxygen supply.

Food and breathable air for the world’s population. That’s what’s at stake in this decision. You’d think it’d be obvious, even to the Republican party (I’m afraid you’d be wrong). Please use the power of your presidential “bully pulpit” to make the case for strong action on oceanic acidification, and for increasing the power of the EPA and its use of the Clean Water Act.

Thank you.


Warren Senders

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