Month 10, Day 21: Idiocracy, Here We Come

The New York Times runs a scary scary scary article on Tea Partiers and their “Skepticism” on climate change. Misleading word, that. These people aren’t skeptics. Skeptics look at evidence. These people are dogmatic, cocksure idiots. Big difference.

The Tea Partiers and their Republican enablers are of one mind when it comes to denying the impact of climate change on our country and the world. And what a mind it is. Joining a reflexive American distrust of intellectuals with an incoherent Biblical literalism into a word salad of libertarian tropes, their opinions on global warming don’t need no stinkin’ logic. Meanwhile, of course, they are thinking and doing exactly what their corporate funders want them to do: elect Republicans who will put the kibosh on any attempt to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. These frightened men and women have been suckered. The Koch brothers and other greedy and short-sighted oil barons are manipulating them into voting against everyone’s best interests — even that of the oil companies, which will surely experience a sharp drop in profits, should our species fail to survive the coming centuries of climate chaos.

Warren Senders

I love the distinction between skeptics and idiots – you put it very well. You don’t get to call yourself a “skeptic” unless you’ve actually looked at all the evidence. Skepticism must be earned!


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