I Love Alim Qasimov’s Singing…

…just check this out:

And here he is with his daughter Fergana. Absolutely amazing:


Alim Qasimov, (born in 1957), is an Azerbaijani musician and is one of the foremost mugam singers in Azerbaijan. He was awarded the prestigious International IMC-UNESCO Music Prize in 1999, one of the highest international accolades for music. His music is characterised by his vocal improvisation and represents a move away from the traditional style of mugham.[1] Qasimov has recorded nine albums, three of which are mugham albums with his daughter, Ferghana Qasimova. He has performed internationally, including concerts in: France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Iran and the United States.

Do a search on YouTube for more of his music. It’s absolutely compelling. I believe he is touring the US at present.

27 Feb 2010, 11:11pm
by Chandrashekara K A

Cant believe this is NOT a Carnatic concert – sounds so much like it. This is an eye opener for me.


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