Year 2, Month 4, Day 1: How To Handle A Fool

John Abraham is one of my heroes. He’s a climate scientist who’s actually taking the battle to the denialists, one at a time. Most recently, he skewered a neoconservative radio host named Jason Lewis who wrote a collection of the usual bullshit for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

I thought I’d get his back on this one. Sent March 23:

It is refreshing to read what an actual scientist has to say about Jason Lewis’ denialist shibboleths. John Abraham has devoted significant time and attention to the debunking that is essential for the discussion of climate and energy policy to move forward, but in one area he’s avoided the exact truth. Perhaps his gracious euphemisms indicate that he’s just too polite to describe Mr. Lewis with scientific accuracy. I’m not. Jason Lewis is a well-paid professional liar, provided with irrelevant and confusing talking points by his paymasters in the fossil fuel industries. Lewis and the rest of his denialist brethren fail to recognize that if climate change is as big a threat as scientists say it is, then there is no longer any room in responsible debate for misdirection and mendacity. Who should we trust? Scientific experts with decades of experience — or vocational misinformers with good radio voices?

Warren Senders

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