Month 6, Day 17: He’s Not Useful — He’s Just An Idiot.

I was in the mood for a fight with an idiot, and lucky me! Jonah Goldberg has an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune.

Jonah Goldberg asserts that “If you remove the argument over climate change from the equation,” fossil fuels are environmentally friendly and economical. Indeed. Let’s follow his example. If you remove the argument over lung cancer and emphysema from the equation, cigarettes are healthy. If you remove the argument over lifelong emotional and physical trauma from the equation, child abuse is just another way for adults and kids to bond. If you remove the argument over radioactive fallout, mutations and millions of deaths, nuclear holocaust is just a good fireworks display. With the devastating effects of climate change manifesting globally, and the scientific evidence for anthropomorphic global warming now completely incontrovertible, there are only two reasons for Goldberg to “leave it out of the equation” — foolishness or knavery. Neither makes a convincing argument.

Warren Senders

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