78 rpm Records of Indian Music: Bai Sundra Bai

Bai Sundra Bai was one of the most heavily recorded artists from the thumri culture of the early 20th century along with Gauhar Jan, Janki Bai and others. Originally from Pune, her repertoire included Marathi bhavgeets along with thumris, ghazals and occasional khyal performances. Her recording career extended into the late 1940s, with some work for films.

I enjoy these two thumri performances, both on fairly standard Krishna texts. Both show her flexible voice and excellent taan technique; the Tilak Kamod in particular is very impressive.

Tilak Kamod: “Avata hai giridhari”

Jhinjhoti: “Kanha charavata gaayi”

Was this recorded? It sounds like a marvelous session!

24 Mar 2015, 9:41am
by prakash burde

I had arranged for a listening session and anaudio/visual on Sundrabai and on my reqyest Sushilaj had come to Karnatak Sangha Mumbai Sushilaji despite her age sang two thumris as a tribute to Sundrabai.Her two disciples too had accompanied her. Vikrant Ajgaonkar a singer of Natya geet in Marathi had enlivened the presentation

1 Aug 2013, 9:36pm
by prakash burde

There is only one surviving disciple of Sundrabai Jadhav. Her name is Sushilarani Patel. She is now 90 plus and she actively participated in an audiovisual presentation of this ignored singer. She gave music to Bal Gandharva’s play and her name thus was etched in the history of Marathi Musical plays!

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