Playing For The Planet: Aparna Sindhoor’s Set

The fifth ensemble to perform (starting at around 9:20 pm) was the Aparna Sindhoor Dance Theater. The room lighting was wretched; even with the videocam on “nightshot” setting there was a lot of detail lost. But nevertheless, the power and genius of Aparna and her ensemble are evident in this video. This is a 25-minute excerpt from their long piece, “The Story and The Song,” about a young woman who could turn herself into a flowering tree and the prince who fell in love with her. The fact that there was a giant painted tree as a backdrop was purely serendipitous.

Here are four photographs (courtesy Hadley Langosey) and video (courtesy the Sony Cam mounted on a tripod, on top of the piano in the back of the room.). The first few seconds of the introduction were lost, but the rest of the performance is intact.

Warren, the whole show was fantastic and I was so glad to be there! Thank you and Vijaya and everyone else involved for putting the show on. We don’t know how the time flew, loved every piece that evening. Aparna Sindhoor — wow, the show was amazing. I am not a huge interpretive, modern, fusion dance fan, but that evening I changed my mind. They were awesome. Looking forward to more 🙂



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