Month 2, Day 11: Pure Essence of Moran

I picked up a copy of “Metro-Boston,” a local free-distribution subway & laundromat paper that’s part of a nationally syndicated chain. And when I found the Letters page, the Stupid was Strong.

Three letters…check ’em out. The first two are baffling: I lean towards thinking the Palin letter is actually from a Democrat, while the “Sex Ed for Congress” is completely ambiguous. But the third. Ahhh, the third. Enjoy it.

So I thought I’d write a letter to the METRO. Maybe thousands of subway-goers will read it. If you’re on a subway and you see my letter, please let me know. As usual, if nothing happens on this one after a couple of days, I’ll send it along to some other papers.

Republican lawmakers are pointing to Washington’s overwhelming snowfall as refutation of the science behind climate change. Oklahoma senator James Inhofe has built a crude igloo near the U.S. Capitol and labeled it “Al Gore’s home,” since any Republican discussion of climate issues must include mockery of the former VP. Climate denialism is a growth industry, heavily funded by the big oil and coal companies and playing on Americans’ contempt for competence and unwillingness to endure inconvenience. Actually, climatologists have been saying for years that global warming will make local weather both more unpredictable and more extreme. To say a freak snowstorm “disproves the reality of global climate change” is as misguided as saying the swollen belly of a starving child “disproves the reality of world hunger.”

Warren Senders

11 Feb 2010, 9:38am
by Annette

Most Excellent analogy, Warren.


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