Antigravity: Boogie For Hanuman

The second Antigravity CD, “Boogie For Hanuman,” was recorded during our year in India in 1994. Caroline Dillon added her ‘cello on some of the tracks. Finding Nikhil Sohoni as our drummer was an extraordinary piece of luck; he threw himself into learning the material with incredible focus. Ensemble morale was very high throughout…and because I’d taken the precaution of loading my suitcases with 1/2″ 8-track AMPEX tape, I was able to bring back the recordings and mix them later (which didn’t stop me from screwing up the mix as it went on the CD…not enough bass!).

Anyway, here are the pieces…hope you enjoy them. We loved making this CD.

Boogie For Hanuman

The Moebius Man

This Melody No Verb

Weaving Time



Dark House – Midday

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