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  • 78 rpm Recordings From India: My Complete List

    Here are all the links to my uploads of 78 rpm discs, all in one place. I have many more which haven’t gotten uploaded or digitized yet, so perhaps this will goose me along a bit.

    Here you go. Enjoy:

    Classical Instrumental Music

    Sitar and Surbahar:

    Ravi Shankar

    Vilayat Khan

    Enayat Khan


    Ali Akbar Khan

    Vichitra Veena

    Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan
    Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan

    Ustad Ahmed Raza


    Gajananrao Joshi

    V.G. Jog (with Ahmedjan Thirakwa)


    Kumar Birendra Narayan


    Nazir Hossain

    Talim Hossain

    Ali Ahmed Hussain

    Bismillah Khan


    Rajan Sarkar (with Keramatullah Khan) (Rajasthani)

    Percussion and Dance

    Ustad Amir Hussain Khan and Pt. Madhavrao Alkutkar

    Pt. Govindrao Burhanpurkar

    Sitara Devi

    Classical and Semi-Classical Vocal Music

    Master Vasant

    Ramakrishnabua Vaze

    Pt. Chand Narayan

    Vishnupant Pagnis

    Pyare Saheb

    Mr. Chimanlal

    Bai Sundrabai

    Miss Indubala

    Light Classical and Regional Music

    Kakoo Ram (Urdu Geets)

    Bashir Quawwal of Poona (Urdu Naat)

    Wahidanbai of Agra (Urdu Naat)

    The Twin Dramatic Party (Urdu Drama)


    Ismail Azad Quawwal (Quawwali)

    Ali Hossain Quawwal (Quawwali)

    Abdul Rehman Kanchwala, and Sufi Quawwal of Patiala (Quawwali)

    Mahomed Yacub and Fidai Premragi (Quawwali)


    G.N. Joshi (Marathi Bhavgeet)

    Miss Gohar of Bijapur (Marathi)


    Mukul (Rajasthani)

    M.L. Choudhury & Sunita Devi (Rajasthani)
    M.L. Choudhury & Sunita Devi (Rajasthani)

    Parvati and Party (Rajasthani)

    Dhirasen Of Jodhpur (Marwari)

    Sardar Bai (Bangri)

    Cassum Ranji (Kutchi)


    Mianbhai and Mahomed (Hindi Song)

    Sorabji Katrak of the New Alfred Company (Hindi Theater)

    Pandit Shikarpuri (Hindustani Geet)

    Mr. Muradaly And Others (Hindustani Comic Song)

    Mr. Bhagoo of the New Alfred D. Company (Hindi Theater)

    Popular and Vernacular Instrumental Music

    Adu Nath (Been Lahara – “snake-charmer’s flute”)

    V. Balsara “Harmonium Dance”

    K.C. Mookherjee and G.C. Chatterjee (Violin, Piano and Tabla trio — early “fusion”)

    The Dacca Orchestral Party (Indian instrumental orchestra — early “fusion”)

    Master Ibrahim Clarinet

    African Music

    Sitti Binti Saad (Swahili Song)

    Western Music

    The Manhattan Jazz Band (“Jazz”)

    The Peerless Orchestra (“Jazz”)

    9 Aug 2013, 12:26pm
    by Arsalan Khan

    Hey Warren,

    I have some pretty old Indian and Pakistani records from 30s .. I want to sell. Please contact me as soon as possible on my email.


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