78 rpm Records of Indian Music: Pyare Saheb — India’s Countertenor

Pyare Saheb was one of the most esteemed voices of turn-of-the-century Hindustani tradition. Singing always in a high falsetto, he recorded literally hundreds of 78 rpm discs and enjoyed high esteem amongst rasikas, especially for his sensitive handling of thumris. His music, alas, is now almost completely forgotten. Here are two samples of his singing — a popular devotional song (with some fabulous extemporized ornamental passages) and a beautiful rendition of the rarely heard raga Sorath.

Bhajan: He Govind He Gopal

Raga Sorath: Dekhori na mane Shyam

7 Jul 2014, 9:32am
by deepak dev burman

Its indeed a beautiful rendition , I hear of another vocalist Anant Nath Bose who also sang in falsetto , i wonder if you have any of his records.Thank you for sharing your music collection .

I will look forward to hearing it. Please be sure to supply me with the link!

12 Sep 2013, 8:06am
by p v bhagwat

i hd one 78 rpm record of pyare saheb. chudiya tadki jaye and hi more chhotese sanya. i do not know what happened to it. i wll upload as soon as i find it.Pyare saheb was great singer. pity that he is forgotten as you said.


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